Penny Harvest – The Earthman Project

As many of you are aware, we have been trying to focus on smaller, locally based charities for our Penny Harvest over the last few years.  For the last quarter of 2014, we have chosen The Earthman Project

Lanny Smith tries to bring attention to the crisis in our Earth’s environment through his music and activism.  He has been an advisor to the Miami-Dade Climate Change Task Force.  His work is to be able to take his music to Washington, DC while participating in The Great March for Climate Action.  If you can not join in the march physically, you can always join in virtually.

Either way, I highly suggest watching his video that gives a wonderful explanation.



Since we are nearing the end of the year, we also need to start putting on our thinking caps and come up with 3 charities for 2015.  Please either bring the information about those charities to one of the board meetings before December (when we make our final decision) or email them to [email protected].