Facility Usage Policy

Unitarian Fellowship of South Florida Facility Usage Policy

The Unitarian Fellowship of South Florida (UFSF) makes its facilities available to groups who in one way or another affirm and promote the Principles of our UUA Member Congregations.  Broadly interpreted, these groups could include a variety of informative workshops in addition to more typical uses that can include, but are not limited to: religious gatherings, weddings, and memorial services.  Due to our 501(c)(3) status, we do not allow usage by any specific political party or candidate.

Please note that we have a small facility and are only able to comfortably accommodate about 30 – 40 people at a time.

We request that *ALL* groups who utilize the UFSF facilities to comply with the following:

1. REQUESTS: All groups must request (in person or in writing) facility usage at our monthly planning meeting (i.e. Team Spirit) which is held the fourth Sunday of the month after Services. Our Team Spirit Meeting plans for two months in advance.  In the case of extenuating circumstances where time is of the essence making the 6 to 10 week lead time unobservable, a quorum comprised of at least 3 board members must approve such usage in writing.

2. DONATIONS:  The UFSF does not charge any specific rental fee for usage. However, we do ask for a donation to help off-set the electricity and other utilities that will be utilized during the event. If it is a donation based on the length of the event, then it will be expected after the event has been approved, but before the event occurs. If it is a donation based on the head count at the event, it is expected to be left in an envelope marked with the name and date of the event at the end of the event. The following guidelines apply: 

  1. Gatherings with the intent of fundraising carry a suggested donation of five-dollars per attendee

  2. Gatherings that are strictly social in nature (i.e., potlucks, Shabbos, etc.) carry a suggested donation of two-dollars per attendee

  3. Gatherings like weddings or all-day workshops requiring exclusive use of the facilities in excess of 8 hours in duration but not to exceed 12 hours in a single day or 24 hours split over 2 days, carry a suggested donation of $135

  4. Gatherings like weddings or all-day workshops requiring exclusive use of the facilities for 8 hours or less carry a suggest donation of $75

3. CLEANING: All events must leave the building in slightly better shape than when found.  In particular:

  1. The person conducting the gathering must observe all placarded instructions regarding shutdown procedures. 

  2. All attendees must familiarize themselves with FIRE SAFETY placarding particularly exit signage and fore/aft locations of fire extinguishers.

4. INDEMNIFICATION: The person responsible for the gathering and their attendees indemnify and hold harmless the UFSF provided the UFSF has acted with sufficient diligence.

5. OPENING / CLOSING: A member of the UFSF will be present to unlock the doors to the facility, remain during the entirety of the event, and will then lock the doors upon completion. Under no circumstances will a nonmember be released a key in order to unlock or lock the facility. Under no circumstances will a nonmember be allowed to remain in the facility unattended.

6. DAMAGES: Any group that causes damage to either the facility or any of its contents shall be liable to reimburse the UFSF the costs to either repair or replace said damaged item. The UFSF is not liable for any equipment that your event leaves on the premises.

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