Urgent Message from the UUA

The UUA is partnering with our friends at Interfaith Worker Justice, the Ecumenical Poverty Initiative, NETWORK and others to publish a “Moral Action on the Economy” statement. This statement reflects the values and issues that are important to UUs regarding living wages and the right to organize for so many people in need. We want … Continued

Intuitive Wisdom with Mark

Starting in April 2016, we have a brand new series of classes for you. Mark Levine has been learning the craft since he was a small boy.  His grandmother taught him many wonderful gifts.  Now that his is an elder, he has blessed us with wanting to pass on his knowledge to our community through … Continued

Doing the Wobble Wobble in Eclectic Mind Shoppe

We had a fun time at the Eclectic Mind Shoppe this past Sunday.  Rev. Kirsten taught us the Wobble Wobble.  If you hadn’t guessed it yet, our subject this month is “Let Loose & Boogie” taught by Rev. Kirsten.  What better way to get in touch with your inner child & spirit than to just … Continued

FREE online webinar: The Secrets to Shapeshifting into a New Life

I received an email with information about a free webinar that I thought might be of interest to some of you.  Instead of reinventing the wheel by rewriting what the email said, I am just copying and pasting below so you can read for yourself.  This sounds like a very interesting webinar.   You can read … Continued

Floridians for Solar Choice

Those of you who attended today’s talk heard about the advantages of living a green lifestyle.  However, in Florida our right to live our green lifestyle the way that we want is endangered.  There is currently a law on the books that prohibits many Floridians from being able to utilize solar energy in their homes … Continued

Have a Heart, Save Our State Parks!

Have a Heart, Save our Parks. Day of Action, Feb. 13 Florida’s state parks are under siege. New proposals would allow private, non-conservation uses for our public lands including hunting, cattle grazing, timber harvesting, oil drilling and more. To stop that from happening, Floridians will hold rallies, marches and other events at State Parks on … Continued

Confront Florida’s Flawed Criminal Justice System

We must confront our flawed criminal justice system: Please make four phone calls to help save this man: Michael Lambrix is schedule to die February 11th on death row in Florida, despite the fact that the Supreme Court just ruled Florida’s death penalty system is unconstitutional. In addition to writing to the Governor, because … Continued

Call Your Senator To Stop Fracking In Florida

Fracking bills are speeding through the legislature and are harmful to your water and your health. The bills, backed by the oil and gas industry, not only enable the dangerous drilling practice in places like the Everglades, but they would force local communities to accept it. Research in other states shows that fracking has caused … Continued

Help Fund Our Renovations

Have you been looking for a way to help out the Fellowship?  Well, look no further!  The UUA has created a wonderful crowd-funding site called and guess what!  We are listed!  So go now and donate to help make our Fellowship a much more beautiful & safe play to congregate! So click on the … Continued

UUWomenSpirit Spring Retreat

We walk with HER, as ONE May 11-15, 2016 Join us as we gather to honor our deep connection with the Earth, who is our mother, our sister, our grandmother, our creator, and ourselves. She is us and we are Her. During this event we will participate in earth-centered activities that remind us not only … Continued